I get the following error while I'm playing YouTube audio with my bot

[tls @ 0000024ef8c4d480] Error in the pull function.
[matroska,webm @ 0000024ef8c4a400] Read error
[tls @ 0000024ef8c4d480] The specified session has been invalidated for some reason.
    Last message repeated 1 times

It seems like YouTube links expire? I don't really know but I need to fix this issue. This is my code:

    class YTDLSource(discord.PCMVolumeTransformer):

        def __init__(self, source, *, data, requester):
            self.requester = requester

            self.title = data['title']
            self.description = data['description']
            self.uploader = data['uploader']
            self.duration = data['duration']
            self.web_url = data['webpage_url']
            self.thumbnail = data['thumbnail']

        def __getitem__(self, item: str):
            return self.__getattribute__(item)

        async def create_source(cls, ctx, player, search: str, *, loop, download=True):
            async with ctx.typing():
                loop = loop or asyncio.get_event_loop()
                to_run = partial(ytdl.extract_info, url=search, download=download)
                raw_data = await loop.run_in_executor(None, to_run)

                if 'entries' in raw_data:
                    # take first item from a playlist
                    if len(raw_data['entries']) == 1:
                        data = raw_data['entries'][0]
                        data = raw_data['entries']
                        #loops entries to grab each video_url
                        total_duration = 0
                            for i in data:
                                webpage = i['webpage_url']
                                title = i['title']
                                description = i['description']
                                uploader = i['uploader']
                                duration = i['duration']
                                thumbnail = i['thumbnail']
                                total_duration += duration

                                if download:
                                    source = ytdl.prepare_filename(i)
                                    source = cls(discord.FFmpegPCMAudio(source), data=i, requester=ctx.author)
                                    source = {'webpage_url': webpage, 'requester': ctx.author, 'title': title, 'uploader': uploader, 'description': description, 'duration': duration, 'thumbnail': thumbnail}


                        except Exception as e:

                        embed=discord.Embed(title="Playlist", description="Queued", color=0x30a4fb, timestamp=datetime.now(timezone.utc))
                        embed.set_author(name=ctx.author.display_name, icon_url=ctx.author.avatar_url)
                        embed.add_field(name=raw_data['title'], value=f"{len(data)} videos queued.", inline=True)
                        embed.set_footer(text=raw_data["uploader"] + ' - ' + '{0[0]}m {0[1]}s'.format(divmod(total_duration, 60)))
                        await ctx.send(embed=embed)

                embed=discord.Embed(title="Playlist", description="Queued", color=0x30a4fb, timestamp=datetime.now(timezone.utc))
                embed.set_author(name=ctx.author.display_name, icon_url=ctx.author.avatar_url)
                embed.add_field(name=data['title'], value=(data["description"][:72] + (data["description"][72:] and '...')), inline=True)
                embed.set_footer(text=data["uploader"] + ' - ' + '{0[0]}m {0[1]}s'.format(divmod(data["duration"], 60)))
                await ctx.send(embed=embed)

                if download:
                    source = ytdl.prepare_filename(data)
                    source = {'webpage_url': data['webpage_url'], 'requester': ctx.author, 'title': data['title'], 'uploader': data['uploader'], 'description': data['description'], 'duration': data['duration'], 'thumbnail': data['thumbnail']}

                source = cls(discord.FFmpegPCMAudio(source), data=data, requester=ctx.author)

        async def regather_stream(cls, data, *, loop):
            loop = loop or asyncio.get_event_loop()
            requester = data['requester']

            to_run = partial(ytdl.extract_info, url=data['webpage_url'], download=True)
            data = await loop.run_in_executor(None, to_run)

            return(cls(discord.FFmpegPCMAudio(data['url']), data=data, requester=requester))

I'm using the rewrite branch of discord.py for the bot. I'm not sure if I need to provide more details? Please let me know, I really need to get this fixed...

  • What is the length and quality of the audio you're trying to stream? – FrenchMasterSword Jan 13 at 13:34

In fact it isn't really a problem with your code (and many people complain of this error).

This is just a possible issue when streaming a video. If you absolutely want to stream it, you have to accept this as a potential issue. Note how (almost) every music bots set limitations for the video/music you want to listen to.

If you need to ensure you do not get this issue, you have to fully download the music. (Which will also make the bot loading longer before playing).

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