I'm trying to create a Structural Directive that will behave similarly to the RouterLinkActive directive.

So I implemented the UnlessDirective example and added the parts from the Angular's RouterLinkActive directive where it obtains the children through the ContentChildren decorator.

// TODO(issue/24571): remove '!'.
@ContentChildren(RouterLink, { descendants: true })
links !: QueryList<RouterLink>;

// TODO(issue/24571): remove '!'.
@ContentChildren(RouterLinkWithHref, { descendants: true })
linksWithHrefs !: QueryList<RouterLinkWithHref>;

My template looks like this:

<p *appUnless="false">
    This paragraph is displayed because the condition is false.
    <a routerLink="/another-page">my link</a>

And I tried to access the links with:

ngAfterContentInit(): void {
    console.log("links length", this.links.length);
    console.log("linksWithHrefs length", this.links.length);

The problem is, the links and linksWithHrefs variables are never filled with any contents. What am I missing? Full code in this stackblitz. I'm using Angular 7.

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