I have seen an example in Stackoverflow submitted by H.K link: example "virtual treeview" IterateSubtree in C ++ Xe1-7

See sample code from answer submitted by H.K at the bottom of this question . The problem I am having is using it in my Builder C++ XE application. I am using it by calling this method to pass the Method "NodeTypeFinder". Note my methods uses VTree as the name I have given to the VirtualTreeview component - different to H.K's examples. The interface I have written has this change and is essentially the same a H.K's example.

My FindData Method.

VirtualNode __fastcall TfrmMain::findData(PVirtualNode n, String title, int id)
  // The result of the IterateSubtree call is the node which caused the
  // callback method to Abort.  See method NodeTypeFinder for detail on the
  // Abort conditions.
  PVirtualNode SearchNode = NULL;
  TVirtualNodeStates nStates;
  rec r;

  r.Caption = title;
  r.ID = id;
  nStates =  TVirtualNodeStates() << vsInitialized;

  SearchNode = VTree->IterateSubtree(n, new TMyVTGetNodeProcRef(NodeTypeFinder), (void*) &r, nStates, false, false);

  //SearchNode = VTree->IterateSubtree(n, NodeTypeFinder,
  //                                            (void*) &r, nStates, false, false);

  return SearchNode;

The Callback method is below 'NodeTypeFinder'

void  __fastcall TfrmMain::NodeTypeFinder(TBaseVirtualTree *Sender,
 PVirtualNode Node, void* Data, bool &Abort)
  // Used to abort the findData method, if criteria is true.
  // Used in conjunction with method findData.
  Abort = ((rec*) Sender->GetNodeData(Node))->Caption == ((rec*) Data)->Caption
       && ((rec*) Sender->GetNodeData(Node))->ID == ((rec*) Data)->ID;

My issue is that my compiler is giving the following error:

[BCC32 Error] Main.cpp(669): E2235 Member function must be called or its address taken
  Full parser context
    Main.cpp(657): parsing: TVirtualNode * _fastcall TfrmMain::findData(TVirtualNode *,UnicodeString,int) 

So could I please get some advice on how do I overcome this error? I have tried everything I can think of - checked the Delphi hpp files for virtualtreeview and all the on line help. I have applied all the patches/updates to Rad Studio XE.

Thanks Daryl

H.K's interface code and example methods.

typedef void (*TIterateSubtreeCallBack)(TBaseVirtualTree*, PVirtualNode Node, void *_Data, bool &Abort);   

class TMyVTGetNodeProcRef : public TCppInterfacedObject<TVTGetNodeProc>    
  TIterateSubtreeCallBack callback;   
  TMyVTGetNodeProcRef(TIterateSubtreeCallBack _callback) : callback(_callback) {}    

  void __fastcall Invoke(TBaseVirtualTree* Sender, TVirtualNode *Node, void *Data, bool &Abort)   
    return callback(Sender, Node, Data, Abort);   

void __fastcall TMyForm::BuSearchClick(TObject *)   
  Node= MyTreeView->IterateSubtree(NULL, new TMyVTGetNodeProcRef(SearchDataId), (void*)&PNodeData, TVirtualNodeStates(), false, false);   

void TMyForm::SearchDataId(TBaseVirtualTree*Tr, PVirtualNode Node, void *_Data, bool &Abort)   
 put my code ...   
  • Where and how are you calling findData()? It is hard to tell whether the error is on findData() itself, or on something findData() is doing. Also, is NodeTypeFinder declared as static? If not, it needs to be, since TIterateSubtreeCallBack does not use __closure. And you need to drop __fastcall from NodeTypeFinder. And try &NodeTypeFinder when constructing the TMyVTGetNodeProcRef object – Remy Lebeau Jan 11 at 9:10
  • Remy - your advice was the solution. Once I made the method NodeTypeFinder static and removed __fastcall everything worked as expected. Thanks for your assistance. – Daryl Jan 11 at 22:14

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