This is in Django 2.0 , python 3.6.5

I have an app called posts, and I changed models.py to a folder structure, i.e., create a directory models and move the file models.py insid. Also config __ init__.py file, as explained next. The project runs ok, but my test suite fails.

In my settings, installed apps i have the app as:


My app config (posts/apps.py)

from django.apps import AppConfig
class PostsConfig(AppConfig):    
    name = 'posts'               
    verbose_name = 'posts'    

I have move posts/models.py to a directory structure. So I have


inside models/__ init__.py I do import my models as explained in doc

from .models import Job
from .proxys import ActiveJob

The project works well, but when trying to run tests:

python manage.py test

I have this error:

RuntimeError: Model class tektank.apps.posts.models.models.Job doesn't declare an explicit app_label and isn't in an application in INSTALLED_APPS.

The model is a normal one, with fields, nothing extrange. The thing is that if I declare in the meta

class Meta:
    app_label = 'posts'

I got the following error:

RuntimeError: Conflicting 'job' models in application 'posts': <class 'posts.models.models.Job'> and <class 'tektank.apps.posts.models.models.Job'>.

Note: If I use pytest, I run the command:


It runs OK


Same error if I execute:

./manage.py test myproject/apps/posts

If I execute only with app name, no tests are detected

./manage.py test posts
Ran 0 tests in 0.000s

If I put the path of the tests folder, it works ok.

./manage.py test myproject/apps/posts/tests
Ran 2 tests in 0.074s
./manage.py test posts.tests
Ran 2 tests in 0.103s

But I am not satisfied with this, if I want to run all tests, it will still fail.

  • try ./manage.py test Job for Job aplication test – NVS Jan 11 at 7:32
  • @NVS, updated with more test cases. – Gonzalo Jan 13 at 9:47

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