I am doing the SQL Server replication and I use T-SQL to do this.

Whenever I want to add a new article to the publication, I use below T-SQL

"exec sp_addarticle" with the respective list of parameters.

After adding a new article to the publication, I use,

exec sp_startpublication_snapshot @publication = 'publication_name' 

This will generate the snapshot again and the newly added articles are added to subscribers accordingly.

However, this is a time consuming process. This database is used by an application which creates number of dynamic table in the database.

Dynamic tables are created by the code using the T-SQL queries and after creating a dynamic table above T-SQL queries to add that table to the publication will happen.

Is there a way to add an article to the publication without creating a new snapshot again and again for every article being added?

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  • Probably. Ask whoever wrote the stored procedures. – Gordon Linoff Jan 11 at 12:21