So I have a TCP server running on a Pi (Jessie), taking commands like "START", "STOP", "QUIT" and "REBOOT", and acting upon these. For instance, "START" opens a script (a module that posts to Thingsboard), and "STOP" kills that script.

I use subprocess to open a new GNOME-Terminal window, with my script as child process on launch. STOP simply kills (pkill) this script.

Upon receiving the commands, the server replies to the client "XYZ received", since the Pi should be running headless in the end.

When running all this manually on the Pi, all is good as intended.

When running the same TCP server automatically on boot with systemd (so in the background), the following occurs: 1) it launches fine (status = active & running), and 2) it receives, accepts AND confirms reception of the commands, but 3) it doesn't open the GNOME-Terminal (with subprocess)!

I don't understand why the TCP server seems to be working fine, but seems to not execute the subprocess.call?!

Here's the part of code...

    while True:
        data = connection.recv(1024)
        print " Received %s" % data

        if data == "START":
            connection.sendall("START received")     >> WORKS FINE!
            subprocess.call(['gnome-terminal', '-e', 'sudo python /home/pi/3DT/final_nova2.py'])        >> DOESN'T HAPPEN!

Looking forward to your thoughts... Thank you!

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