I have multiple properties in my vertex 'Plan', like below

Plan {

when I do - g.V('planid').project('fullDescription').by('fullDescription') - it fails. strangely, the same query works with every other property in the vertex.

Also, the same query works when I use limit() at the end.

g.V('planid').project('fullDescription').by('fullDescription').limit(5) works perfectly.

What can be the issue?

  • That's strange - you say that "it fails" but don't explain how. is it an error? do you get empty text for "fullDescription"? please update your question to clarify that point. I also find it even more strange that limit(5) does anything to affect this traversal - does g.V('planid') return more than one vertex? – stephen mallette Jan 11 at 11:31

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