I am a complete beginner to FFMPEG and audio decoding. I want to read any kind of audio file and convert it into raw audio data. The code that I was using works fine on FFMPEG 2.8 but in 3 and above it shows the following error.

AVstream::codec and avcodec_decode_audio was declared depreciated.

I have no option of using 2.8 as I couldn't find FFMPEG 2.8 binaries for windows anywhere in web. I want to know how to call the following functions in the later versions.

AVCodecContext* codec = stream->codec
format->streams[i]->codec->codec-type == AVMEDIA_TYPE_AUDIO

I am using code from the following site - https://rodic.fr/blog/libavcodec-tutorial-decode-audio-file/


Follow these examples, especially decode_audio.c:

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