What could be the possible cause of trailing spaces in Version Info of the resulting executable file? How to remove them ? (Removing the spaces with Resource Hacker yields the executable corrupted)

This is the excerpt from Version Info, viewed with Resource Hacker.

BLOCK "StringFileInfo"
    BLOCK "000004b0"
        VALUE "Comments", "This installation was built with Inno Setup."
        VALUE "CompanyName", "name                                                        "
        VALUE "FileDescription", "installer                                                  "
        VALUE "FileVersion", "             "
        VALUE "LegalCopyright", "copyright                                                                                           "
        VALUE "OriginalFileName", "file.exe                                        "
        VALUE "ProductName", "some product                                               "
        VALUE "ProductVersion", "                                           "

Thank you.


I'm afraid that it's just how it works.

Inno Setup-generated exe is based on a pre-built binary. It includes "Version Info" placeholder with a fixed space for each field. On compile time that placeholder is filled with real data, keeping remaining spaces.

See the "Version Info" placeholder in Inno Setup repository.

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