We have a Spring Cloud Config Server that provides the config props for a bunch of applications. This server is running on a public cloud. The point is we would like to access it from our local corporate environments, so we are assessing the risks of exposing it through internet.

The server will only expose dev/pre properties so no risk of leaking pro properties.

We'll implement some IP whitelisting on the cloud to ensure the access is from a corporate IP.

We are planning to secure the server with spring security setting a basic auth.

  1. Is this approach good enough? Any other security recommendation?

  2. What's the Spring Cloud Config Client configuration needed for our Spring Boot Applications to send the basic auth header to the Config Server?

  • We'd recommend not putting config server available to the internet. There is a user/password setting in the docs for basic auth. SSL/TLS would be required too. – spencergibb Jan 11 at 17:21

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