Im making a training database.

Im looking to change a textbox value on a form based on a date in another textbox.

I have the following:

Refresher Period - TxtRef
Participation Date - TxtPart
Refresher Date - TxtRefDate
Status - TxtStatus

I want status to update to either - In Date, Expired or Expiring based on the following rules applying to the date in TxtRefDate.

Value < Now() + 60 "Expiring"

Value < Now() "Expired"

Value > Now() + 60 "In Date"

  • What's the name of the Textbox you want to change ? TxtRefDate is the source for date, right ? – Thryn Jan 11 at 11:28
  • Yeah taking a refresher date from TxtRefDate and putting it in TxtStatus – Calum Graham Jan 11 at 12:31

Create a small helper function:

Public Function Status(ByVal RefDate As Date) As String

    Dim Description As String

    Select Case DateDiff("d", Date, RefDate)
        Case > 60
            Description = "In date"
        Case > 0
            Description = "Expiring"
        Case Else
            Description = "Expired"
    End Select

    Status = Description

End Function

Now, set the ControlSource of txtStatus to:

  • Hi Gustav, where would I add the helper function? Just within the object for that form? – Calum Graham Jan 11 at 15:19
  • 1
    Got this to work! Thanks a lot. Had to change Status to StatusType as it was clashing with an object on my form. – Calum Graham Jan 11 at 15:30

I think you're looking for something like that ?

If TxtRefDate.Value < Now() Then
    TxtStatus.Value = "Expired"
    If TxtRefDate.Value < Now() + 60 Then
        TxtStatus.Value = "Expiring"
        TxtStatus.Value = "In Date"
    End If
End If
  • Thanks Thryn, This doesnt appear to work. Does it matter that the TxtRefDate box is auto filled with the following: Private Sub TxtPart_AfterUpdate() Me.TxtRef.Value = DateAdd("yyyy", TxtRefPer, TxtPart) End Sub – Calum Graham Jan 11 at 11:55

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