I have a warning I cannot get rid of neither understand:

Eiffel: Call use obsolete feature. Call to feature `to_string_8': Use 'name_32' instead

item_prototype is a DB_SERVICE where I redefine out

if attached {APP_CONFIGURATION}.application_instance.selected_entity_primary_key ({SIT_UTIL}.class_name_lowercase ({like item_prototype})) as l_pk then

enter image description here enter image description here

One more point is that I wasn't able to copy the warning msg to my clipboard, how do I do that? if there is a way into EiffelStudio.

  • I suggest asking the second question separately because it is unrelated to the first one. – Alexander Kogtenkov Jan 11 at 12:01

It looks like the feature {SIT_UTIL}.class_name_lowercase takes an argument of type STRING, but the current code supplies type TYPE [...] — the type of {like item_prototype}. There is a conversion feature to_string_8 in the class TYPE, but it is obsolete, that's why you get a warning.

Either the signature of the feature class_name_lowercase has to be changed to accept TYPE instead of STRING, or the argument should be of the form ({like item_prototype}).name_32.as_string_8.

In order to support Unicode identifiers, it's better to change the signature of class_name_lowercase anyway, so that it accepts STRING_32, and to pass ({like item_prototype}).name_32.

  • Correct thx! I had to change {SIT_UTIL}.class_name_lowercase ({like item_prototype}) to {SIT_UTIL}.class_name_lowercase (({like item_prototype}).out) and solved my case. My class_name_lowercase was already getting a STRING as argument – Pipo Jan 11 at 12:02

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