I have a set of files in a folder under spec/support/fixtures directory. I need those files to be accessible through an uri such as "{Capybara.current_session.server.port}/test_fixtures"

After many trail and errors I ended up the following solution: In rails_helper.rb I added the following code:

Capybara.app = Rack::Builder.new do
  map '/' do
    run Rails.application
  map '/test_fixtures' do
    run Rack::File.new('spec/support/fixtures')

It works well, but the solution to re-create Capybara app does not seem elegant to me. I'm looking for a better solution... or is it ok like this ?



For your stated goal you have implemented things correctly and that is exactly what the Capybara.app setting is meant for. The only thing I would recommend doing is moving it into a separate file and requiring that file in your rails_helper.

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