I want to open/start a folder that is in Solidworks PDM from another application.

I'm using C# and use this code:


The Sandbox directory is a View directory. When I manually navigate to this directory it logs into the vault and view all directories as it should.

When I execute the above code I just get an explorer of the directory, but without PDM functionality.

Is there any way to be able to do this?


You can use a conisio link that is handled when the PDM client is installed. The format of the link is like this;


action being explore.

You'll obviously need to know the folder/project ID, but you can use any document ID that is not deleted in the system. Just pass that string to Process.Start().


For reference, here are the other actions.

Where: <vaultname> is the name of the file vault <ProjectID> is the database ProjectID of the folder where the file is located in the vault <DocumentID> is the database DocumentID of the file <action> is one of the following: open – Opens the file in associated application view – Opens the configured “Viewer” application for the file explore – Opens an explorer window in the folder the file resides and selects the file get – Triggers a Get of the file to the local file vault view lock – Checks out the file properties – Brings up the file properties history – Brings up the file history

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