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I'm not good with RegEx and I would like have a RegEx for next URL scheme.

Can you help me to create a regular expression for that URL?


And if possible, show me one page to learn and understand it.

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The best page I use to explain RegEx is https://regex101.com/.

In case your characters are all word characters, you can just use:


In the first group you will have "fontstack" and in the second you will have "range".

If you want to include a bit more of possible characters, maybe:


You can see extensive explanations to both introducing them on the page I provided at the start.

  • thanks :D the idea is 'https://' required + [n * anything text with / ] + \.[a-z]{2,6} + [n * anything text with / ] + '{fontstack]/{range}.pbf – Javi Les Paul Jan 11 at 12:33

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