I am trying to get the auth function setup. All my API calls needs two headers compulsory which are api-token,domain without that the API should fail.

What I am trying to do is, I check for the two things if it is not there, the response should explictly says which one is not there or provided wrongly.

For example, if api-token is missing or wrong the error message shoud state "Wrong/Invalid API".

Here is my code.


 public function boot()
    // Here you may define how you wish users to be authenticated for your Lumen
    // application. The callback which receives the incoming request instance
    // should return either a User instance or null. You're free to obtain
    // the User instance via an API token or any other method necessary.

    $this->app['auth']->viaRequest('api', function ($request) {

        //check domain
        $domainDetails = $this->checkDomain($request->header('domain'));
        // if domain check passed
            // check api details
            $apiCheck = $this->checkAPI($domainDetails[1],$request->header('api_token'));
            // if the api check  passed

            // if not passed then throw api error
                return $apiCheck[1];
        // throw domain error
            return $domainDetails[1];


        if ($this->checkDomain($request->header('domain')) == 6) {
            return User::where('api_token', $request->input('api_token'))->first();



 * check api key exists and get the user details
 * @params
 * 1. Domain ID
 * 2. API key
public function checkAPI($_domainNameID, $_apiKey){

    if($_domainNameID == null){
        return [false,'Domain Required'];

    if($_apiKey == null){
        return [false,'API Key required'];

    if($_domainNameID !== null && $_apiKey !== null){

        $userDetails = User::where('client_id','=',$_domainNameID)
                ->selectRaw('id as `user_id`,'.
                         'email as `username`,'.
                         'qa_designation as `User Designation`,'.
                         'access_type as `User Access`')

        if($userDetails != null){

            return [true,$userDetails];

            return [false,'API Key doesn"t exists'];



 * Handle an incoming request.
 * @param  \Illuminate\Http\Request  $request
 * @param  \Closure  $next
 * @param  string|null  $guard
 * @return mixed
public function handle($request, Closure $next, $guard = null)
    if ($this->auth->guard($guard)->guest()) {
        **here how can I display a custom message**
        return response('Unauthorized.', 401);

    return $next($request);


$router->group(['prefix' => 'v1'], function () use ($router) {

    $router->get('/auth',['middleware' => 'auth', function () use ($router) {
        return $router->app->version();


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