I'm using a lock free data structure. We are allocating pointer of the liblfsds611 queue, as


I have 10 threads and each thread try to put 100 messages in queue using the API (lfds611_queue_enqueue(qsRQST, (void *)(&l1));) of lock free data structure. As I mentioned above and there is only one thread who dequeue the data put by all threads using API (lfds611_queue_dequeue(qsRQST, &user_data);).

Problem is that consumer thread (dequeue thread) is not able to consume all the data and it get crashed after dequeue of some data saying memory access violation. If I use the sleep(1000) i.e. 1 sec after each enqueue threads, then the consumer is able to consume all the data properly, but i don't want to use the sleep function.

Is any way to avoid the sleep function in each enqueue threads?

  • Just to be sure: are you altering the data; l1 after you enqueued it or are you re-using any memory allocations? – Stefan Jan 11 at 12:33
  • no i'm not altering any data after enqueued and i used memory allocation only once using lfds611_queue_new(&qsRQST,4096); for enqueue – ashish patil Jan 16 at 3:33
  • l1 is the object for message structure struct LOG_MSG { std::string msg; }; l1 is reused by each thread to post the message to enqueue – ashish patil Jan 16 at 4:13

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