I am having an issue with jquery code, where when I scroll to certain ID, it should add Class to the html = To do animations. For some reason it works on browsers like Chrome, Firefox but not on Safari.

Here is the HTML

<div id="about-wrapper">
    <div class="about-section2 about-animation">
        <img class="" src="./img/intro-img1.jpg">

    <div class="about-section2 has-animation">
        <div class="about-intro">
            <div class="fade-In-Left about-intro-inner">
                <p>Představujeme administrativní komplex Millenium, který vznikl modernizací tradiční polyfunkční budovy v samotném srdci Liberce, na adrese Rumunská 9. Cílem bylo především budovu  přizpůsobit nárokům na kancelářské prostory současné doby, zpřehlednit komunikaci v ní a celkově ji zefektivnit.</p>

    <div class="about-section3 about-animation">
        <img class="" src="./img/intro-img2.jpg">

Here is the JS

    function visible(partial) {
    var $t = partial,
        $w = jQuery(window),
        viewTop = $w.scrollTop(),
        viewBottom = viewTop + $w.height(),
        _top = $t.offset().top,
        _bottom = _top + $t.height(),
        compareTop = partial === true ? _bottom : _top,
        compareBottom = partial === true ? _top : _bottom;

    return ((compareBottom <= viewBottom) && (compareTop >= viewTop) && $t.is(':visible'));



      if($('.about-intro-inner').hasClass('animated fadeInLeft fast')) return;
      $('.about-intro-inner').addClass('animated fadeInLeft fast');


Thanks in advance for help. Much appreciated.

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    Aaaah, Safari, the new IE. Any errors in the console? – Jeremy Thille Jan 11 at 12:21
  • Hi Duy, do you have any log? Have you checked the console if you have any error? Thanks. Also, is it macOS? Or are you running an old Safari for Windows? What about the version of Safari? – Federico Navarrete Jan 11 at 12:21
  • Console is saying only: "Not allowed to load local resource: file:///favicon.ico" I am running on latest MacOS Mojave so I think also latest Safari – Duy Jan 11 at 12:25
  • Well then start debugging …? Make debug outputs of the values used using console.log, and see what differs between the other browsers and Safari. – misorude Jan 11 at 14:03

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