I have .Net DLL it's containing Crystal report functionality it's working fine in my all .net project with some modifications. Now, I want to use the same DLL in my .Net Core Project for reporting purpose

  • Could you please put a specific question you have? – Nilesh Shinde Jan 11 at 12:24
  • very simple I want to use Crystal report in my .net core project so .net core directly not support it but .net core support .net 4.5 DLL we can include the .net 4.5 DLL in .net core and .net 4.5 support Crystal reports – Umar Draz Jan 11 at 12:54
  • in this way we can achive crystal reports functionality? – Umar Draz Jan 11 at 12:55

I am not sure but it should work. You can add reference .Net framework DLL into .Net Core project. So try doing some POC on generating reports.

  1. Try to generate static report which will does not have any database connectivity or dynamic datasource.

  2. Try to generate simple report with database connectivity with ODBC. I am sure ODBC should work on .Net Core as well.


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