How can we return a complex object in a subquery when using alasql?

For example, for a query like this one:

                id = 20
        ) as b
        id = 10
`, [
    [ // Table B data
        {id: 20, title: "Item from table B"}
    [ // Table A data
        {id: 10, title: "Item from table A"}

How can we achieve this?

        id: 10,
        title: "Item from table A",
        b: {
            id: 20,
            title: "Item from table B"

The motivation behind this is because I'm using store to hold the data. And because of that I would like to have the same object reference. It looks like, at least when using views, that objects aren't the same. So because of that a flat join doesn't solve the problem to me.

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