I have IDS4 (resource ids) with users on single host

options.ApiName = "ids";
options.ApiSecret = "secret";

and client (clientId cl1) with PasswordFlowCredentials. Client has scope ids.

When I get JWT token with login-password by cl1 I have access to controllers on ids. But if I get reference token I cannot access.

Introspection endpoint return 401 because client_id=ids but token from cl1. token=15cf93dd255db79a46141c9403f86a71f81d797b2e7649bdd56e10f860c9afde&client_id=ids&token_type_hint=access_token&client_secret=secret

Token content from PersistedGrants (short)


Where is error?

How can I validate reference token?


client_id in introspection request is not client_id. There is must be Resource Id from [dbo].[ApiResources] and secret from [dbo].[ApiSecrets]

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