I want to integrate the below requirement in the website I want to show services related to Telecom operators like Plans - Calls/Messages/Data, Bundles, Packages, Phones, Plans with phones, Recharges, ADSL, VAS, Roaming

on the website. is there any API available for getting plan and packages available for the particular operator for e.g if the user selects AIRTEL I want to display all the plans and bundles details in the webpage. Can anyone please advice me I should I implement, where can I get particular operator data, is it through some API?

Also, I want to use mobile OTP activation, Can anyone please recommend API for sending messages to mobile through a web application.

Note: I am using DJANGO for creating this application

Thanks in advance

  • This does not belong on SO. off-topic. – dirkgroten Jan 11 at 13:18

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