I have a hard time to determine where it would be best to store this access token/user object. The access token comes from a seperate API and used to authorize the user against the API.

My quesion would be:

  • Best place to save a access token in a ASP.NET CORE 2.2 MVC application
  • Is there somehow a way to integrate the access token into the standard "Authorize" tag in ASP.NET CORE MVC, so authorization for the Controller methods would be easier?

I have found some examples but they are all specific to a service and in this case it is just a token I have been giving that I need to store.

  • There's not enough info here to properly help you. In general, it's common to store access tokens from external APIs as claims on your user. However, it sounds like your "access" token may in fact be an auth token, since you're wanting to use it to authorize controllers in your app. If the API is handling auth for your app, then you need to tie it into the ASP.NET Core authentication middleware. How to do that is a bit beyond scope, but standard things like Google, Facebook, etc. are covered out of the box. – Chris Pratt Jan 11 at 13:42

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