I have a list with:

    public class ListContent
        public string OrderName { get; set; }

        public int OrderNumber { get; set; }


I want to add the OrderNumber's if the OrderName is more common in the list


You can do this all with LINQ:

  • start with LINQ GroupBy, grouping on the OrderName
  • you now have a list of groups, one per order name, containing all of the ListContent structures with that OrderName. You can then sum these to into a new aggregated ListContent


var groupedOrders = orders.GroupBy(o => o.OrderName)
                          .Select(g => new ListContent {
                                           OrderName = g.Key,
                                           OrderValue = g.Sum(o => o.OrderValue)

You can probably be a little cleverer too and not construct a new ListContent where there was already only one with that OrderName, but this is the simpler-to-understand version.


If your list contains more than one same OrderName then you can take group. And then you can take sum of all OrderNumber that are in same group like

var result = (from o in listContents
              group o by o.OrderName into grp
              select new
                  OrderName = grp.Key,
                  Total = grp.Select(x => x.OrderNumber).Sum()

Where listContents is your list of class ListContent.

And then you can use the above result to print it's item values like

foreach (var item in result)
    Console.WriteLine("OrderName: " + item.OrderName);
    Console.WriteLine("Total: " + item.Total);

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