I am developing a path planning algorithm for a Segway robot. After running the algorithm path to the goal is obtained in form of (x, y, theta) coordinates. The hardware and sensor noises causing much trouble in following the path and error is accumulating. I thought of applying PID Control. I need to set the steering angle to the direction of movement by calculating the cross track error.

1) How to calculate the CTE with original co-ordinate (x1, y1, theta1) and current position (x1', y1', theta1')?

2) How to select values for Kp, Ki and Kd for this scenario?

Additional information: Development environment is Android studio.


You can find the Kp, Ki, Kd values either experimentally or with a method like Ziegler-Nichols Method which would be more accurate.

Experimentally, you can try:

  1. Set all gains to 0.
  2. Increase Kd until the system oscillates.
  3. Reduce Kd by a factor of 2-4.
  4. Set Kp to about 1% of Kd.
  5. Increase Kp until oscillations start.
  6. Decrease Kp by a factor of 2-4.
  7. Set Ki to about 1% of Kp.
  8. Increase Ki until oscillations start.
  9. Decrease Ki by a factor of 2-4.

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