I want to create and define a static QStringList in an external file. With gcc ist is possible to do it like this:

static QStringList list1 = {item1, item2, item4, ...};

But with the visualStudio c++ compiler it is not possible to do it this way. I get the error:

initializer-list can not be convertedinto QStringList

For me it is important, that I can define the list directly after the declaration.

Because I dont want to define it in the main file.

For example:


#include "stringlist.cpp"    
int main()
    QList<QStringList> list;
    list << list1;


#include <QStringList>
static QStringList list1 = {"hi", "hello"};

I want to do that because the definition of the QStringList is very long and it is very confusing if such a big definition is somewhere between the other code.


I found a way to solve the Problem:

You have to type the following snippet into your .pro file.


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