Neither of the following line write "a\b" into file

fid = fopen('myfile.txt','w'); fprintf(fid, 'a\b'); fclose(fid);

fid = fopen('myfile.txt','wb'); fprintf(fid, 'a\b'); fclose(fid);

Probably, Matlab does backslash escaping during save to file.

How to disable this "feature"?

The string should remain intact, i.e. fprintf(fid, 'a\\b') is not a solution, length('a\b')==3 should be true.


You could use conversion characters in fprintf, i.e. %s in this case

fid = fopen('myfile.txt','w'); fprintf(fid, '%s', 'a\b'); fclose(fid);

Your condition length('a\b')==3 isn't violated like this, if I am not mistaken


Another alternative is to use fwrite:


If you use 'char' mode, the string will be encoded differently depending on how the file was opened (e.g. UTF encoding).

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