Inside AppController->beforeRender() I would to check whether a view variable is already set and see its value.

How can you access view variables from a controller in CakePHP 3.7?

This used to be possible with $this->viewVars['variable_name'], but it has been deprecated.

I tried $this->viewBuilder()->getVars() but that returns an empty array, while there certainly are view variables.

  • The view builder only receives the variables when the view is being built, until then they only exist in the $viewVars property. Why exactly do you need to access view variables from a controller? Maybe there's a better solution for whatever problem you are trying to solve by that. – ndm Jan 11 at 14:37
  • Basically, I want view variables to fall back to defaults when they haven't been set. E.g. manage a 'status' variable based on whether or not a 'errors' variable is present. – Roberto Jan 11 at 14:43
  • If this is something that you need in lots of views, maybe an element that encapsulates that logic is the way to go? – Greg Schmidt Jan 11 at 18:05
  • Yeah, I guess I better implement something like that. – Roberto Jan 12 at 12:28

Summarising an answer from the comments: this is not directly possible.
Accessing the variables through the viewBuilder() won't work because it only receives the viewvars as the view is being built.

A custom element encapsulating the variables to be accessed could be a solution.

I ended by setting some variables as default: in AppController->initialize() the view variable status is set as "OK", other controllers and methods can then simply override it.

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