Every once in a while, I'm getting su: failed to execute /bin/bash: Resource temporarily unavailable error message when trying to run a set of bash commands in a docker container. The problematic part of my script looks like this:

docker run \
    "${my_docker_opts[@]}" \
    "${my_build_host}" \
    bash -c \
"set -euo pipefail
groupadd -g $(id --group) ${user}
useradd --create-home -u $(id --user) ${user} 2> /dev/null

echo \"${user} ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL\" >> /etc/sudoers

su ${user} << EOF
    set -euo pipefail

We do this so that we avoid having the files created as root. But one out of four times I end up getting the su: failed to execute /bin/bash: Resource temporarily unavailable message.

What could cause this issue?

  • You generally don’t use su or sudo in Docker at all. If you have complex startup-time setup like this to do, you would usually write it into a script that gets built into your image. – David Maze Jan 11 at 15:04

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