In Power BI, I have the following DAX expression:

Others = 
VAR mymodel =
    VALUES ( 'Compare Data'[Model] )
        EXCEPT (
            CALCULATETABLE (
                VALUES ( 'Full Data'[Vendor Name] ),
                'Full Data'[Engine Model] IN mymodel
            VALUES ( 'Compare Data'[Name] )
        [Vendor Name],
        ", "

I don't have any programming knowledge but I'm aware that this Others measure was written to response only to the "Model" slicer.

Is there a way to make this measure response both to the 'Compare Data'[Model] & 'Compare Data'[Group] with the rest of the code staying the same?

I also have this code which is supposed to calculate the Average Costs of the alternatives and yield the same result as the first code. HOWEVER, they don't produce the same results when slicer selections are made.

        Measure 2 = 

    VAR __vendor = MAX('Compare Data'[Name])

    VAR __model = MAX('Compare Data'[Model])

    VAR __group = MAX('Compare Data'[Group])

    VAR __table = FILTER('Full Data',([Vendor Name]<>__vendor 
    &&  [Engine Model] = __model) && [Material Group]  = __group)

    VAR __vendorAverage = AVERAGEX(FILTER(ALL('Compare Data'),
 'Compare Data'[Name] = __vendor),[Cost])

    VAR __othersAverage = AVERAGEX(__table,[Repair Cost])


I doubt that this line is the cause for not getting the same results:

VAR __table = FILTER('Full Data',([Vendor Name]<>__vendor 
&&  [Engine Model] = __model) && [Material Group]  = __group)

What I guess from the criteria written here is that in the "Full Data" table, only return any values in the "Vendor Name" column that are NOT EQUAL TO the 'Compare Data'[Name] AND IS EQUAL TO any values of the 'Compare Data'[Model] AND IS EQUAL TO any values of the 'Compare Data'[GROUP].

I think there's something wrong with the DAX operator AND (&&) here. Can you please show me how I can get it to produce results that both meet the following criteria:

  1. 'Full Data'[Vendor Name] <> 'Compare Data'[Name]


  1. 'Full Data'[Engine Model] = 'Compare Data'[Model] OR 'Full Data'[Material Group] = 'Compare Data'[Group]

I tried this:

VAR __table = FILTER('Full Data',(([Vendor Name]<>__vendor 
&&  [Engine Model] = __model)) 
|| ([Vendor Name]<>__vendor &&[Material Group]  = __group))

but I don't think it's what I want. The measure still returns wrong values sometimes.

If you have any ideas, could you please help me out? Thank you so much!

  • The logic with what you tried looks fine to me. A and (B or C) is equivalent to (A and B) or (A and C). I'm not sure why you had (A and B) and C above when you specified that you needed an OR. – Alexis Olson Jan 11 at 21:56

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