I have an ipad app that was created back in October for enterprise release. It is installed on ~100 ipads (varying OS 10.x and 11.x). If I run the app now, I get a few errors:

  • assertionid unable to obtain a task name port right for pid xxx: (os/kern) failure (0x5)
  • assertionid failed to start job with error 0x100d1a1d0 code: 3 reason "the process failed to exec"
  • Springboard bootstrap failed with error: 0x1c4a49240 code: 1 "failed to start job"

The app then drops into the background (does not crash out). Every time i bring it back to foreground, the error shows up in the console error log.

I just released a newer version of the app (different IPA so I can download either one).

If I:

  • uninstall the app
  • install the new version
  • run it
  • immediately close it
  • uninstall the new version
  • install the old version it runs perfectly!

If I uninstall the old version, and reinstall the old version, I get the same errors. It seems like the ipad NEEDS to see the new version in order for the old one to run?

I know this sounds crazy, but this has been recreated on about 10 ipads so far.

Is there any way I can track this further? I am clueless as to what could be causing it.

Thank you, Jerry

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