I'm trying to merge a custom array with the result of render json.

render json: @value, each_serializer: JsonApi::ValueSerializer

and the array is a = [1,2,3] .

with the result of this json is it possible to append the array?

The array will be constructed into json as

 "a":{"1": "one","2":"two", "3": "three"}

Normally the json value from serializer is

'{"data":{"value_id":"1","attributes {{"id": "1","email":"tech@sample.com","access_locked":false},{"id": "2","email":"tech2@sample.com","access_locked":true}}}'

The final needed result after appending "a" json with normalized value is

'{"data":{"value_id":"1","attributes {{"id": "1","email":"tech@sample.com","access_locked":false},{"id": "2","email":"tech2@sample.com","access_locked":true}}, "a":{"1": "one","2":"two", "3": "three"}}}'
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    Could you add an example of the JSON you want to generate? What key should the array be put in? – ldeld Jan 11 at 14:25
  • Edited the question to explain my query. – Frank Fox Jan 11 at 18:58

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