I plan to mount a created appsettings.{env}.json file as a volume from the host into the container. Does anyone know the path of appsettings.json in Docker Container? Or how can I get the path using docker command?

I'm deploying ASP.NET Core Web App with a Windows Server Core Docker image to a Windows Docker Container.

I want to use it for the docker command below.

docker run -v <path-to-appsettings.json-on-host>:<path-to-appsettings.json-inside-container> <container-name>
  • It’s extremely dependent on the specific image being run. There is no universal answer to this. – David Maze Jan 11 at 15:06
  • @DavidMaze, I've added some details on my post. – jravenger4 Jan 12 at 2:53

Turns out this is the command i need to use. In Windows Container using Windows Server Core image the path of appsettings.json is "C:\app\appsettings.json.

docker exec -it {container id} cmd

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