Issue is what ApplicationWillResignActive() and ApplicationDidEnterBackground() are called just the same regardless of how app was left.

Previous versions of this questions have been asked and answered (here and here ) but do not seem to apply to iOS 12 (testing on device not simulator). I know apps that do it so there's a way. Thanks a ton !!

  • The answer is NO, IMHO any apps detecting this are using private APIs, I'm curious what apps have this behavior ? – Mosbah Jan 11 at 14:56
  • Hi @Mosbah, Forest (forestapp.cc) is one example, as User locks screen -> session keeps going User presses home button -> session stops . – Elliot Seror Jan 12 at 17:36

This looks related, check for screen brightness when applicationDidEnterBackground(_ :) and handle accordingly.

  • it's related, but doesn't work on iOS 12, i've tried and it returns "Home button " every time... :( – Elliot Seror Jan 12 at 17:40

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