Hi I have a list of element of class type class1 as show below. How do I group them into a

Dictionary<int,List<SampleClass>> based on the groupID

class SampleClass
   public int groupID;
   public string someData;

I have done this way:

var t =(from data in datas group data by data.groupID into dataGroups select dataGroups).ToDictionary(gdc => gdc.ToList()[0].groupID, gdc => gdc.ToList());

Is there a better way of doing thiss


It will be more efficient to replace:

gdc => gdc.ToList()[0].groupID


gdc => gdc.Key

Other than that, it looks like I would have done.

Alternately, if you are okay with extension methods over LINQ (I personally prefer them), it can be shortened further still with:

var t = data.GroupBy(data => data.groupID).ToDictionary(gdc => gdc.Key, gdc => gdc.ToList());

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