PROCEDURE purge_partitions
      p_owner            IN VARCHAR2
     ,p_name             IN VARCHAR2
     ,p_retention_period IN NUMBER
   ) IS
      FOR partition_rec IN (SELECT partition_name
                              FROM dba_tab_partitions
                             WHERE table_owner = p_owner
                               AND table_name = p_name)

         IF SYSDATE >= add_months(to_date(substr(partition_rec.high_value
                                         ,'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')
            execute_immediate('ALTER TABLE ' || p_owner || '.' ||
                              p_name || ' DROP PARTITION ' ||
         END IF;
      END LOOP;
   END purge_partitions;

Purge_Partitions procedure deals with dropping partitions based on specific retention priods mentioned in a seperate Config Table. I am now trying to enhance this functionality which will take care of rebuilding global indexes of those partitioned tables. Not sure how to go about this, any help is highly appreciated.


Consider the update_index_clauses, which keeps the indexes valid.

See the documentation and consideration for global indexes here

in your case it will be:

 alter table ttttt drop partition pppppp update global indexes;

Alternatively let the indices be invalidated in the DROP PARTITION and rebuild them with alter index xxx rebuild. You can get the list of indexes to rebuild from this query

from all_indexes 
where owner = 'ooo' and table_name = 'tttttt' and status = 'UNUSABLE';

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