I have a data driven subscription that emails the .xls report to the recipient and saves a copy to a file share.

The subscription triggers once. The email is sent once. The data proc that the report calls is only called once. All good and normal.

However the file saves twice. Two identical copies (other than incremented filename) saved down about 6 mins apart.

Checked the logs and there are two entries with nothing in between:

Many lines about the subscription being triggered followed by this final line at 10:47:

Success: True, Status: The file "somefilename.xlsx" has been saved to the...

No lines relating to this subscription follow until one single line at 10:53:

Success: True, Status: The file "somefilename_1.xlsx" has been saved to the...

Using SSRS 2014 Enterprise Edition.

Is this some sort of double rendering thing where it thinks it has rendered/saved so tried again?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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