I am trying to implement PIP mode in a navigation based application. Application is using Nokia HERE Maps SDK as a map engine. The app works fine without PIP , Goes to background and resumes fine without it.

But when using PIP mode the PIP window doesn't update, I do not see user location / speed updating on the window. Occasionally I hear TTS maneuver instructions.

Furthermore, When I try to maximize the PIP window It leads to screen freeze and my do not resumes for about 10 seconds. After a while app gets back to its normal state and shows movement as it supposed to do.

I have no idea why app is behaving like this.

I have used this code to implement PIP mode.

try {
    Display display = getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay();
    Point size = new Point();
    int width = size.x;
    int height = size.y;

    Rational aspectRatio = new Rational(width,height);
    PictureInPictureParams.Builder mPictureInPictureParamsBuilder = new PictureInPictureParams.Builder();
    } catch (IllegalStateException e) {

Please anyone put a light on my mistakes.

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