I pointed a new custom domain to a Google App Engine Standard Environment project and edited the DNS records per Google's instructions, and it seems to be redirected properly.

When I go to


with its supposedly activated certificate, I still get

connection is not secure

in the browser. If I go to


it gets redirected to


with the same result.

But when I directly enter

https ://www.mydomain.com

it display the website and with connection is secure. Let me know the reason for this and how to fix this issue?

I used below command

gcloud app domain-mappings list 

and it displays that there is a ssl certificate id. But the above issue is still there.

  • I had the same issue.Still not fixed – Thusila Bandara Jan 11 at 14:29
  • Did you use the secure: always option in your app.yaml handler(s)? Can you show your app.yaml content? – Dan Cornilescu Jan 11 at 16:04

The answer to this question depends on which language and which environment you're using.

Node.js and flexible environment

It looks like you are using Node.js, in the case of Node.js for both standard and flexible environments, and for flexible environment users of all languages, you need to handle the redirect in your application's code. How you do this might change depending on if you're using a Framework. Check out the answer for how to do this with an Express app as an example.

First generation standard environment

For the standard environment Python 2.7, PHP 5.5, and Go 1.9, you need to instruct App Engine to always use the secure connection for requests by updating your app.yaml configuration file's handlers to look something like:

- url: /.* 
  script: main.app  # <- Python example
  secure: always
  redirect_http_response_code: 301
  • this is not worked for me.I'm using node js.And the above added link is 7 years old one – Thusila Bandara Jan 14 at 5:03

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