How is extra whitespace inside an aria-label treated? Is it ignored/trimmed like in HTML, or will it end up as pauses in screen readers?

<a href="blah" aria-label="    Go     to    my     site   ">...</a>
  • I think this depends more on the AT itself than what the standard says. I can't imagine whitespace being treated any differently here compared to in regular text. – BoltClock Jan 11 at 14:34

I tested this using NVDA on windows with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, and Edge. All browsers ignored the whitespace and read "Go to my site" without pause.

While I can't say definitively that this behavior will be the same for all AT, I highly suspect that it will be due to the HTML 5 Specification recommending that browsers design their HTML parsing engines to drop consecutive spaces.

Additionaly, the CSS white-space property doesn't seem to have any effect either (at least on NVDA).

If you're looking to achieve some specific result, you may be interested in the Deque article entitled Why Don’t Screen Readers Always Read What’s on the Screen?, which has some very useful reference material regarding how the major screen readers handle various forms of punctuation. If you want to create a pause between words, for example, you could use commas or periods, which would yield similar results across platforms.

As a caveat, I'd recommend doing your own testing (where possible), using multiple browsers, operating systems, and AT, just to confirm that the behaviors haven't changed in the 4-5 years since that article was written.

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