I have large binary files that I would like to process using Databricks notebooks in Python. The idea is to keep the files in Azure file shares and process chunks of files using available Spark worker nodes. The goal is to have a process where each worker node gets the specific part of the file (f.e. a byte array) so that all the worker nodes together have the entire file.

I have found this article to be useful: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/files/storage-python-how-to-use-file-storage

It mentions a function called get_file_to_bytes which sounds like what I would like to use. Is it possible to use this function to allow all the worker nodes to read the specific parts of the file?


If you want to share the process with the workers you need to use a spark comamnd. I dont think is possible to share the process using only python commands in databricks.

have you tried to connect using the storage key and access directly the files? I don't know if it works with Azure Files. It works well with Blob Storage and Data Lake Storage.

Like that https://docs.databricks.com/_static/notebooks/data-import/azure-blob-store.html

  • Yes, I have tried using Blob Storage, but I would like to make the scenario I described where each worker gets part of the file. With the solution I have using Blob Storage I get the entire file. – Krzysztof Słowiński Jan 12 at 16:54

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