I am working on a React web app (in Typescript) in which I want to load a tensorflow.js model and then apply it each time after the component updates. I have been able to load and apply my model in a small demo app without React, but now encounter some problems with the async load function:

My idea was to load the model in the constructor of the component, but an async function cannot be used in a constructor. So I tried to make a sort of wrapper function:

export default class MyGreatComponent extends React.Component<{pixels}> {
  constructor(props) {
    this.model = this.loadmodel('http://localhost:3333/model.json');

  async loadmodel(p: any) {
    try {
      const model = await tf.loadModel(p);
      return model;
    } catch (error) {
      console.log("error while loading model: ");
      return error;

And then, when the component updates and I want to apply the model:

componentDidUpdate() {
      ... // get data etc
      const t4d = tf.tensor4d(imgarray_n, [1, width, height, 3]);
      var prediction : any = this.model.predict(t4d);

However, this gives:

TypeError: this.model.predict is not a function.

So I also tried a wrapper function that uses a promise (as I saw in this answer):

loadmodel(p: any){
    tf.loadModel(p).then(model => {
      return model;

But the promise seems to never resolve and gives me:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'predict' of undefined

I am not sure about what I am doing wrong, or what it is that I do not understand. I hope you guys can point out what's going wrong here. Thnx!


I figured out how silly my wrapper idea was and now load the model not in the constructor but in ComponentDidMount and that did the trick!

async componentDidMount() {
    this.model = await tf.loadModel('http://localhost:3333/model.json');

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