I am looking to build a date-time input field in rails with bootstrap4. The toggle shows up but does not expand, showing only the clock icon.

I wrote the following:

<div class='input-group date'>
         <span class="input-group-addon">
              <span class="fas fa-clock  fa-2x" style="color:#44B5EB"></span>
          </span><%= f.text_field (:start), :class => "form-control", id: 'datetimepickerA' %>


<script type="text/javascript">

    $(function () {
            defaultDate: "<%= DateTime.now %>",
            format: "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss"

And when I click on the clock, it expands, briefly shows the calendar then shutdown to leave the image that you can see.

enter image description here

Does anyone knows what could cause this ?

What i noticed:

When date format is specified -> calendar shows and work (with no time of course)

When date and time format are specified -> Calendar shows as per the picture.

When no format is specified -> Calendar shows as per the picture.

The following code works perfectly, but it is fully HTML. I am now looking to convert it to add :start attribute:

<div class="form-group">
            <div class="input-group date" id="datetimepicker8" data-target-input="nearest">
              <input type="text" class="form-control datetimepicker-input" data-target="#datetimepicker8"/>
              <div class="input-group-append" data-target="#datetimepicker8" data-toggle="datetimepicker">
                <div class="input-group-text"><i class="fa fa-calendar"></i></div>
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    If that works fine without the defaultDate, the option probably doesn't expect this format. There's a doc for your datetime picker? Maybe you should return a string correctly formatted with .strftime – escanxr Jan 11 at 15:02
  • that would be strange because when i do not specify any format I have the same error. – Etienne Jan 11 at 23:07

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