I haven't found a concrete way in MVC 5, yet, to have a simple but powerful way of verifying user authentication.

In Laravel you can easily restrict users via the auth middleware like this:

Route::get('/home', 'HomeController@Index')->middleware('auth');

This requires that the user be logged in or authorized to view the page without having a bunch of nasty logic statements always checking that they are. I'm trying to find out if in ASP.NET MVC 5 there is a similarly simple solution? I know the route will look like this:

public class HomeController : Controller {
    public ActionResult Index() {
        return View();

Is there a way to attach something to the ActionResult that will do the same thing for simple authorization in MVC 5?

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    authorize attribute – Ehsan Sajjad Jan 11 at 15:30
  • That's perfect, thank you @EhsanSajjad – DonCarlosII Jan 11 at 22:39

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