I'm using the library FPDF to generate a PDF based on a query. The code i have currently creates a three column layout on a landscape A4 page. I want to be able to specify a set number of rows for each column before creating a new column.

Does anyone know how to specific a number of rows each column has? Currently, it's stopping at 34 rows and I would like it to be 49.

The code I have so far is:

var $col = 0;

function SetCol($col)
    // Move position to a column
    $this->col = $col;
    $x = 60+$col*65;

function AcceptPageBreak()
        // Go to next column
        return false;
        // Go back to first column and issue page break
        return true;

global $pdf;
  $title_line_height = 10;
  $content_line_height = 8;

  $pdf->SetFont( 'Arial', '', 42 );

  $header = array('Order Number', 'Full name (Billing)', 'Draw #');

  foreach($header as $col) {
    $pdf->SetFont( 'Arial', '', 8);


  foreach( $log as $row ) {
        $pdf->SetFont( 'Arial', '', 8 );
        $pdf->Cell(40,5,$row->orderid, 1);
        $pdf->Cell(40,5, $row->firstname .' '. $row->lastname, 1);

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