I have this long list of react native node modules to ignore. I know that I need to ignore all of them. Is there a way I can refactor the following transformIgnorePatterns array into something cleaner?

"transformIgnorePatterns": ["node_modules/(?!(react-native|react-native-linear-gradient|react-native-svg|react-native-config|react-native-version-number|react-native-permissions|react-native-iphone-x-helper|react-navigation|react-native-htmlview|react-native-tag-input|react-native-fade-in-image|react-native-calendars|react-native-scrollable-tab-view|react-native-store-review)/)"],

I have tried the below but it simply didn't work.

"transformIgnorePatterns": ["node_modules/react-(?!(native|native-*))]"

Thank you

  • have you tried ["node_modules/.*/react-native"]? what does it mean "did not work"? may you have nested node_modules folders in your project? – skyboyer Jan 11 at 20:24
  • Hey! This ended up working. Just a little bit of REGEX. "transformIgnorePatterns": [ "node_modules/(?!(react-native|react-native.+)/)" ], – Nicholas Jan 15 at 22:05

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