Why do I see two different versions of TypeScript with ng -v and tsc -v

  • tsc is the version of the typescript compiler – Sachin Gupta Jan 11 at 15:38
  • @Sachin - and the one I see with ng -v ? whats that ? I see 2.9.2 with ng -v and 2.6.2 with tsc -v – Aqua Jan 11 at 15:44

run npm install typescript@"2.4.2" --save in you project folder. That should install the correct version.


Using ng v or ng version show you which version of Typescript your Angular CLI actually use.

And using tsc -v show you which version of the Typescript compiler run actually on your machine.

  • thanks billyjov. any idea on how to resolve ng build warning - @angular/compiler-cli@5.2.11 requires typescript@'>=2.4.2 <2.7.0' but 2.9.2 was found instead – Aqua Jan 11 at 16:21

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