Im developing an Ordering System for my POS, as Im about to test my development on the Ordering System, Its very sluggish, I used an Asus ET1620IU for the Ordering System, its a touchscreen when i tap on the items its very sluggish, I saw those other ordering system is very fast, even tapping fast twice its not sluggish, heres my setup bellow:

  • My POS runs on mysql 5.6 Developed on Delphi.
  • The Ordering System developed on Delphi runs on Windows 7 and dont have a database installed on the local instead its connecting tru network database to the POS System.
  • The Ordering System uses DBCtrlGrid to display items, I used UniConnection and UniQuery + Datasource. Its very sluggish even the device is a touch screen its not responsive.

My question is on my Ordering System am I doing the right way? from the components I used is this the right way to do an Ordering System? My goal is able to develop as same as the POS Ordering on a fastfood, where cashiers tap the screen rapidly but the program still respond fluently. Could this be the device itself its slow?

When the Ordering System is runing on local same PC its running OK, Will do some further test.

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  • Can you separate the application logic from the query returning results and post the results, can you run the query used by the application via workbench locally pointing to the remote DB? – Ross Bush Jan 11 at 16:17
  • "Sluggish" is not a technical problem we can help solve. You need to find out why first by narrowing down probable causes. Slow computer? Bad network? Inefficient code? – tadman Jan 11 at 16:52
  • 3
    We can't possibly answer this. We don't have your code and we don't have your test platform. You'll have to do some exploration to figure this out - make some simple test programs to measure latency on your tablet and then start adding your business logic to see where the slowdown happens. The ET1620 isn't a speed demon, but it has a reasonably modern quad core processor. Most likely the culprit is just slow code, but we can't know unless you can show us a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. – J... Jan 11 at 18:16
  • I'll follow the suggestion and test, will post an updated question, I try my best post the part of the sourcecode, Thanks – Verney Kiok Kan Jan 12 at 9:25

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