I want to install Orange3 through conda. So I type in Anaconda Prompt

conda config --add channels confa-forge

After that I try to install Orange3

conda install orange3

But the Anaconda prompt show this error message

CondaHTTPEErroR: HTTP 404 NOT FOUND for url <https://conda.anaconda.org/confa-forge/noarch/repodata.json>

So I realize that I write confa-forge instead conda-forge.

How can I delete the channel confa-forge? Or Can I update the channel to conda-forge?

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You can use:

conda config --show channels

This will list your channels

conda config --remove channels NOT_WANTED

This will remove the channel called NOT_WANTED(Assuming that it is part of your list e.g. your confa-forge)

BTW, I will recommend --append channel insteading of --add adding them

conda config --append channels CHANNEL_NAME

Why: If you do:

conda config --add channels conda-forge 

This will make conda-forge first hit channel. Your anaconda's default channel will get lower priority. Some of your packages will start updating to conda-forge.

Instead, do this:

conda config --append channels conda-forge

This keeps your default channel high in priority. Packages will be searched on your default before going to conda-forge :)


Also you can also check


To see your channels' priorities $conda config --describe channel_priority


You could change the .condarc file manually, as a last resort in case none of the other options work for you. Although this isn't recommended as any errors made while editing the file manually might be difficult to fix.

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