I am trying to write a class to form SCPI commands. I'd like the usage to look like this (which is similar to what Keysight's DLL does):


which would then construct the string "DISP:TEXT HELLO" which I can send over a connection specified in the Instrument class.

I thought a static abstract class like this might work. I could extend the class with new commands for any instrument I wish to support. And an "Instrument" class based on the abstract SCPI class(es) could pass the resulting string to serial port or TCPIP or whatever.

public static class SCPI
    // Mandated commands
    public const string CLS = "*CLS";
    public const string ESE = "*ESE";
    public const string ESR = "*ESR";
    public const string IDN = "*IDN?";
    public const string OPC = "*OPC";
    public const string PSC = "*PSC";

    // Display command
    public static class DISPlay
        public const string TEXT = "DISP:TEXT";

But if I want to add the command "TEXT:CLEar" it immediately becomes unclear how to proceed, as I can't nest another class inside DISPlay with the name "TEXT". How do I do this properly? Specifically:

  • How do I make the command strings build upon each other?
  • How can I make a method to accept one or more arguments to be appended to the strings?
  • Is there a convenient way of adding the required colon between strings?
  • Is there a convenient way of adding a question mark at the end for queries?

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